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Guideacres camp site

For Flight '02 we will be using both Guideacres, the East Yorkshire county campsite, and the adjoining Raywell Park Scout campsite. Together they will provide ample camping space for visiting and local Guides and Senior Section units plus the Service Team, and many on-site activities.

The Guides will be camping on the main field at Guideacres : this is an eight acre site which is well-drained and surrounded by woodland and divided into four main areas by screens of young trees. (For more details of the Guideacres campsite, check out the County website.) The camp will be divided into five or six sub-camps, and the girls will be camping in patrols. With nine countries already confirmed (March 2002) the girls will be able to experience truly international Guiding.

Raywell Park will provide camping facilities for Senior Section groups, in the top field beyond the orchard, indoor and outdoor activity areas (including the climbing and abseiling walls) and there will also be provision for a quiet area. We will also have access to the woods (with the Scouts' assault course)
and the new campfire circle.


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