My name is Siobhan and I'm 13. During the week we've had a couple of campfires and although led by the British, the highlights were the Polish songs. We know the words to two (but they are basically "La lo la" and "Ni ni ni," so it's not very impressive!) The Egyptians also have a variety of different claps, all of these making a more enjoyable campfire!

Hi my name is Lizzie and I'm 10. On Wednesday I went canoeing at Princes Dock. One person fell in twice but I didn't.

My name is Caroline and I'm 12. I have been ice-skating and rafting and I've enjoyed all the activities.

Hi. I'm Gillian and I'm 11. During the first part of the week I was very homesick but the activities are really good, my favourite was the aerial runway because as you went down the wind whizzed past your face.

I'm Emily and I'm 13. Last night we had a terrific thunderstorm and it poured with rain all night but most of us slept through it. Our foreign guests are enjoying themselves, however the girls from Kenya and Egypt are finding it cold and have colds due to our British summer!

Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm 10. I have come all the way from Scotland. Flight '02 is great because you meet new Guides and can do great activities and crafts. I like crafts because you make great things I have done candle-making and wool crafts and I have made a God's Eye.

My name is Catherine and I am eleven. We have had a disco every night and they are very good with great music and entertainment. I am going to go on the aerial runway and I am having a great time.

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